Laptop and iPad rentals

For any technology hire business, the turn-around of laptops and iPads is key to a successful
bottom line. These items don’t have wings, but they are similar to aeroplanes in terms of a
business model. They only make money when they are operational.

Laptop rental

At IT and AV rental company Tek Hire in Slough, they have laptop rentals to meet whatever
requirements a client may have. As the boss there, Paul Spittle is well known for saying.
“One laptop for 100 days, or 100 laptops for a single day. Whatever the requirement, our job
is to fulfil it”.

With more fluid working patterns, an employer with a rigid desktop PC strategy now looks
dated. With employees either on the road, or remote working, a more flexible approach is
needed. With the choice of short or long-term hire, laptop rental is an attractive option and
that’s before you address the issue of capital expenditure and cash flow.

Returning to Tek Hire, they only have leading brands in their laptop inventory. Dell, HP and
Apple (MacBook), by way of example. Tek Hire’s reputation is on the line each time a piece
of kit leaves the warehouse. Items are shipped in sturdy flight cases and delivery is by Tek
Hire’s own people, rather than courier. Spittle says both he and his clients get ‘peace of
mind’ knowing that only best-in-breed laptops are being used.

iPad rental

iPad rentals are popular because of their versatility. Events, presentations, training,
research, expos, and data capture – the list goes on as to why you might need to rent an

When it comes to tablets, Apple iPad remains the brand leader. It’s what people ask for says
Paul Spittle, who also runs Quality Rental based in Scotland. iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro.
Different sizes and specifications depending on need.

Clients also ask about renting iPad accessories too. iPad stands a popular particularly when
exhibitors want data capture or immediate feedback at point of sale.

The thing with iPad is the continual innovation. In the creative space Apple Pencil is rapidly
becoming a must have accessory alongside iPad Pro and Air.

For details of laptop and iPad rental in England contact Tek Hire on 0345 230 0835 or
Quality Rental in Scotland on 01355 699077.

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